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About Akilhilu Mix

Akilhilu mix, it started last year as Akilhilu Ta Afrika, meaning delicious meal from Africa. The reason why I started Akilhilu was that there were no African food restaurants or food carts around boulder county. It Started at the Front Range Community College as a business club fundraising, it started with samosas. I made sure I cooked vegetables, chicken, and meat. So that people who are vegetarian can also eat and depending on what people want. It sold out in just 2hrs and I had 130 samosas. I was advised by my business club team to make it into business and my first client was a couple who had a wedding and they came to one of our business innovation for business starts and during the launching, they eat my samosas and loved so they hire me to carter for their wedding which was successful and later on I start to create my food page on social media where people order after seeing the pictures. When I started to get different people who wanted different food then I changed Akilhilu Ta Afrika to Akilhilu mix. Cooking is my hobby. I enjoy cooking and seeing people enjoy my food makes me happy. Food is people’s friends during stress or sickness. Food gives us energy and strength. Nothing can go wrong with food. We live by eating.